Landscape consultation

There are times when all you need is to get a few questions answered, bounce your design or plant choice ideas off someone experienced, or simply get some novel input from a fresh pair of eyes. Second Nature Garden Design is pleased to offer consultations at your home to help you thoughtfully design your garden and choose plants that will thrive in your location and conditions.178_Potentilla gracilis with sweat bees sRGB

A consultation can also be the pathway to a custom design: If a custom design is desired following a consultation, the consultation fee is applied to the design fee upon signing of contract.

Keep in mind that some elements, such as tall retaining walls, extensive drainage issues, and expansive restoration projects may require another professional, such as a civil engineer, hydrologist, or restoration ecologist. If you’re uncertain, feel free to ask.

Fee: Consultations are by the hour, charged in 15-minute increments (one hour minimum). Fees vary (depending on extent of travel by bicycle or EV). Please contact us for more information on fees.